The Open Book Approach

The need for accessible mental health and general wellbeing support has become more and more prevalent in recent years. Here at New Leaf Health, we firmly believe that human connection is the key to providing meaningful mental health and wellbeing training – real insights from real people.

The Open Book approach gives you access to live, instructor-led courses to train in different areas of mental health and wellbeing, helping to support yourself, your colleagues, and your workplace as a whole.

Whether you’re a self-funded individual looking to improve your workplace skills, or an organisation looking to provide support to your employees, our approach is highly-skilled and incredibly effective.

Delivered by New Leaf Health

New Leaf Health has been providing workplace wellbeing services since 1996 as one of the first businesses to begin operating in the wellbeing sector.

Our work has led us around the UK and Europe, delivering mental health and wellbeing services to a range of private businesses, as well as on behalf of the UK government and the NHS. No matter what the situation, our approach has never changed – human connection is the key to giving people the tools to improve their mental health and wellbeing.

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